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RDZPiT "Wroclaw"
The "Wrocław" National Lower Silesian Dance & Song Group (NLSDaS) was established in 1952, originally as a Dance Group of the Co-operative Society. Since then the group gave over 2000 concerts, both home & abroad In the present-day 'Wroclaw' Group there sings and dances already the second and the third generation of boys and girls. For many of the group members the bond with the group, 'inoxication' with the folklore, many travels, participation in the numerous folk festivals is so strong and lasting that they remain in close and permanent contact with the 'Wrocław' Group for a dozen or even a several dozen years

During its concerts abroad the 'Wrocław' NLSDaS Group performed in the following countries: Spain, France, Italy, GB, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Portugal, USA, Mexico. The group visited most of the above listed countries several times, each time winning the top prizes and awards in the folk festivals and folk meetings.The most significant of them are the following: Second place in the International Folk Festival in Niece France 1960. Golden medal in the International Festival in Bagneaux France 1974. 'Golden Wings of Icarus'- the first prize for the best unprofessional folk group in the Mielec Festival in Poland 1971.

In recognition of the artistic merits and deserving so well of the Lower Silesian region the Town Council in its extraordinary Ordinance of 1972 granted the Group the right to use the name of the National Group of Lower Silesia. At the same time the Group was offered the auspices of the Departament of Culture of the Provincial People's Council and the Departament of Culture of the Town's Council of Wrocław. In 1996 the patronage over the group was taken over by the Mayor of Wrocław City. In 1998 the 'Wrocław' Group was awarded the special decoration 'Of Merits for Co-operation'.

RDZPiT "Wroclaw"
For the last several years the 'Wrocław' Group is taking part in artistic events connected  with the SISTER CITIES project either guest- performing  in the sister cities or hosting the sister cities' groups presently the 'Wrocław' NLSDaS group is a registered assocation with a status of the legal person. The Group comprises the pupils, students and research workers of the Wrocław schools of higher education, employees of the various institutions as well as independent businessmen. Sixty persons singing and dancing together make the 'Wrocław' Group. The 'Wrocław' NLSDaS Group is fully unprofessional except for the orchestra that is made by the professional musicians.

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